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New CLIMB T-Shirt for 2019 - Get yours!

It's been a long time since CLIMB has been able to offer T-Shirts. In the past it was a lot of work to have the T-shirts delivered to us then mailed individually to our members that purchased them. That necessitated many trips to the post office and frankly we prefer building trails and riding trails than mailing merchandise.

It's a new age with new technology. CLIMB has partnered with TEESPRING which is a fulfillment service, we design the merchandise and they print and ship on demand. You pick the style, color and size of your choice. How cool is that?

Many thanks to our member Jimmy Martinez for designing the shirts and setting up the shop. More products such as hats and mugs will be coming if we get enough orders for the T-shirts.

Here is the link to the CLIMB TEESPRING Store:


Front and Back Click the link above to visit the store for other styles and colors.